Boonsdale Records is the new face of the effective independent record label. We are based in Toronto, Canada and believe in promoting and releasing great music in all genres. We overcome the challenges of a corrupted industry to bring to the public what matters most: the music.

Officially founded in June 2008, Boonsdale Records is Toronto's answer to a label-starved and artist-flooded market. Today's music scene is worse than ever suffocating from the grips of the major multinational labels. Their control runs deep and their dictatorship presence shadows over the operations of retail stores, distribution channels, live venues and the media. Too many acts are being pieced-together for aesthetic and marketing tactics, but yielding a mediocre musical result; a rotten product with a shiny frosting for the public to eat up. It has become a close-knit scene that caters only to the major-label execs who are there to cash-in and run out when it goes sour.

Boonsdale Records is here to make a change, and positively impact the scene. Our focus is to represent the best. To stand for real artists who make great music with meaning and passion. We work closely with our artists to develop strategic goals that will align with their career paths, and ensure a solid long-lasting presence in the music industry. We are here to bring the control back to the artist, and real music back to the listeners.

We believe that the place is here, and the time is now for a musical revolution. Toronto alone is an un-tapped source of talent. So many great bands with enormous potential get over-looked. So many great recordings never make it to stores. And so many great songs never make it to the ears of the public. Boonsdale is not here to follow traditional methods. We are here to surpass the expectations of an indie label. To break-down the barriers of authority, borders and language, and become a leader in the independent production, release and import/export of great music. We are here to present to the masses what they have been missing out on, and remind people what bands sound like when they have that secret combination of the right members, great songs, powerful delivery, and unprecedented passion. These bands have what it takes, and Boonsdale's got what it takes.

It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock and roll... Let us show you the way!

ZEROSCAPE @ Cable Factory / "Finish Hymn Tour(FME)"
Helsinki, Finland / Feb 18 2011/ 8pm

ZEROSCAPE @ Tapper / "Finish Hymn Tour"
Talinn, Estonia / Feb 19 2011/ 8pm